Man Power Services

Welcome to CommServ. We are a vibrant, independent company offering expert and professional human resources services. We are a man-power company supplying employees at all levels at various different industries and sectors. Our clients work across a wide variety of sectors including 5 star hotels, factories, industrial complexes, commercial establishments and offices.

Our professional staff will be ready to fully support your organisation through the provision of qualified and skilled resources to meet the needs of the organisation in a fully professional manner that safesguards both employer and employee needs.

Our service is built on Values

We offer professional services to business and individuals focusing on helping our customers have skilled resources to reach the strategic objectives of the organisation. We combine industry expertise with cultural understanding and approach challenges from a business perspective. With unrivaled practical experience and a deep understanding of the global business and professional services industries, we help business service providers create competitive advantage, supporting you to develop a strong skill base at all levels.

Comm Serv Ltd. ensures that all the staff are adequately trained, supervised and managed in accordance with the highest levels of expected proficiency, due diligence, professional ethos and ethics, technical competences, and the highest standards of conduct.

All staff are regularly trained and acquainted with technical developments, innovation, occupational health and safety, and methodology related to the industry which they will be deployed. We hold regular meetings to assess feedback. Our company is consistently dedicated to the industry’s research and development initiatives. Much of our human resources ‘assessments’ are based on our accumulated experience in this industry and our ability to identify client compatibility-aptitude traits best suited for the specific environment they will be deployed within.